Door Curtains

Whether you're looking to decorate your teenager’s bedroom or are looking for something cool and different to add to your party decorations, we have some great beaded door curtains and fabric door curtains suited for nearly all door spaces. 

Beaded Door curtains bring a sense of open, relaxed, yet private lifestyle ambience to your home. Feel like you are on holiday every day in your space! Add a splash of sparkle with our creative and fun designs or keep it simple with simple macrame curtains. 

Decorate your space with beaded door curtains

You can hang them in your doorway or as a wall decoration as well. We have a few different styles to choose from, retro style, love hearts or fringe string panel. There’s something for everyone!

You can also hang beaded door curtains up as displays in shops or restaurants or use them to decorate your wedding reception. Beaded door curtains look beautiful hung around or near lights creating a lovely atmosphere and making for a stylish yet unique feel.

Create your boho space

We also stock beautiful macrame curtains, perfect to create a luxurious boho feel for any space. Turn your bedroom into a retreat-like area or provide your glamping customers with something a little extra with our macrame door curtains. 

Create new spaces in your home

If you’ve got kids that share a room or are looking to create a quiet corner to sit in and read on a Sunday afternoon, door curtains can help separate spaces without needing to add in actual walls or doors. 

You can create more intimate spaces in your home or create a makeshift concertina effect with a set of door curtains. Create privacy with style.

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