Pools, Beach & Swimming Inflatables

Have fun in the pool this summer with fun and colourful swimming pool inflatables. From kiddie pools to swim tubes and lounge chairs, ASAH has something for you and the whole family!

We’ve indeed got something for everyone. There are toys and inflatables for kids and adults alike. We've got classic styles and fun, colourful styles to suit everyone - whether you're keeping it playful this summer or it's more laid-back essentials that you're after! Our bold collection of floaties and inflatables, from backyard pools to beachside fun, is here to brighten things up all summer long.

Kids will love these blow-up pool toys and inflatables. Perfect for portable pools, above ground and in-ground pools. They’re also great for taking to the beach.

Relax or play with swimming pool inflatables

Help the little ones – or yourself – take it easy with inflatable rafts, lounge chairs, floating tubes and ride-on animals. There is something for every family member, whether mums wants to lie back and read, dad wants to paddle around in his inflatable raft, or the kids want to float around and play with the inflatable basketball ring. ASAH has a wonderful range of swimming pool inflatables to enjoy. 

Swimming aids and inflatable playgrounds

As well as recreational toys and inflatables, we also have swimming aids your little ones will need if they’re learning how to swim including, swim rings, inflatable vests and small kiddie pools perfect for toddlers and babies. You can also provide your older kids with a whole lot of fun with an inflatable pool bouncer or lava lagoon play slip n slide

Always remember to watch your kids in the pool and make sure any safety gear is appropriately being used so that you and your kids can have great fun by the pool or at the beach.

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