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Wind Chimes - A Zen-like Sound for Every Australian Home

Wind chimes are one of the most popular items in home decor. They can be used in homes, gardens, offices, restaurants and stores.  Chimes produce a soothing and calming sound.

If you've ever wondered what makes the music of nature, or if you've ever listened to the relaxing sound of wind chimes and want to instil some of this tranquillity into your own home or garden, Art Supplies and Home has you covered. We stock a wide range of wind chimes, including bamboo wind chimes, wooden wind chimes, metal wind chimes, and even DIY kits for the crafty crafter.

Wide range of chimes for the mind, soul, & spirit

For centuries, people across the world have used wind chimes as a way to bring peace and harmony throughout their living environment. The calming sound of wind chimes is enough to send anyone into a peaceful trance. The sound each chime makes in the breeze can depict happiness, love, healing, energy, courage and many other positive feelings.

Wind chimes are also used as musical instruments. The gentle breeze can soothe your soul while the tinkling sound of the wind chimes delivers an auditory feast for the ears. The music that the chimes make will vary depending on their size and how high they are mounted. If your chime is low to the ground then the sound will be more subtle and relaxing whereas if your chime is mounted high up it will make a louder sound. The higher you mount the chime the more air will blow through it making a more dramatic sound.

The length of the pipe or string that your chime hangs from will also make a difference to the music that it produces. A longer one will produce lower tones while a shorter one will produce higher tones.

Bamboo chimes are a popular choice for adding that extra special touch to your home decor. They are the perfect addition to your garden, patio, or porch and can be used in any room of the house, whether you want them indoors or outdoors. A bamboo wind chime creates an extra special effect with its soothing sound and beautiful appearance. It is also lightweight, naturally strong and durable, making it perfect for creating beautiful pieces of art that last for years.

Select from a range of bamboo wind chime tones like deep, low tones or higher, mellow tones which are great for relaxation. Our bamboo wind chimes are made from premium 100% natural bamboo tubes, producing the best sounds in the marketplace to bring peace and tranquillity to your garden or home.

Wind chimes are also a great gift because they are very unique and can add an extra special touch to any occasion. You may have a neighbour who loves to garden or a friend that likes to relax in their backyard after work. A new set of wind chimes is the perfect gift for these people because it is something they can enjoy every day.

Wind chimes also make excellent gifts for those who like to sit on their patio or balcony and enjoy the outdoor air. They are perfect for hanging in a place where you can see them from inside your home, such as a window sill or over a door.

Though wind chimes have been around for centuries, it took modern technology to make them into the decorative accessories we know today. ASAH wind chimes are made from a wide variety of materials so you can choose a design that best suits your tastes.

Buy your wind chimes at ASAH

We have a wide range of different wind chimes available right now - perfect for hanging outside or indoors. We offer budget and premium options at a great price. Check out some of our aromatics products, candles and holders, and bedroom accessories.

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142cm 5 Tube Blue Bird Hand Tuned Wind Chime Premium

142cm 5 Tube Blue Bird Hand Tuned Wind Chime Premium


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