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Stunning Dream Catchers

Thousands of people have used dreamcatchers as collection pieces or wall art to inspire positive vibes. Many hang dreamcatchers over their beds to ensure a better night's sleep, while others simply find them attractive to place as decorative accessories.

Whether you're looking at them as home accessories or as part of your spiritual practices, there are various reasons why you’re considering adding a dreamcatcher to your home. If you are looking for something unique, Art Supplies and Home have you covered. We have a large selection of dream catchers and other great homeware products that are perfect for any home or office. 

Dream catchers selection

Dream Catchers are inspired by Native American culture and are believed to attract positive dreams, filter bad dreams and ward off negative energy.  Dream catchers can be found in a wide range of colours and sizes, they're rich with symbolism and history, and they have distinct meanings based on what type of dream catcher you own.

They come in different materials including wood, beads, crystals, net, and boa feathers. These pieces can be hung in bedrooms, doors, and windows, and make great gifts for people who want to incorporate decoration and culture into their houses.

Dream catchers are good for all ages. You can hang them in your child's bedroom, your office, or anywhere you want to create a peaceful, soothing ambiance. You can choose any size that will fit in your most intimate space. We have a range of beautiful, colourful rainbow and peace dream catchers that will help you get a peaceful night of sleep and sweet dreams.

 Our dream catchers can add a touch of fun to any room. They come in many different styles and colours, including this metallic silver accent range.

Our vintage doily bohemian dream catchers will add a fun, boho flair to your home’s decor. The metal web is adorned with beads, feathers, and metal hangings that will catch your dreams as you sleep. They’re made from high-quality materials and are available in a variety of colours.

If you're not sure what you should choose to decorate your bedroom, try making your own dream catchers with our DIY dream catcher kits. Choose a theme that's meaningful to you and make them in your favourite colours with our handy kit.

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ASAH aims to provide Australian customers with the best quality dreamcatchers & accessories at affordable prices. We are your one-stop-shop, offering beautiful handmade dream catchers, art, craft, stationary, exclusive homeware, party and event supplies.  We also have a wide range of items that can be used as gifts for different occasions. We offer FREE SHIPPING for orders $99 and above for our products all over Australia.

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